Anthro Inspired Stacked Wood Lamp

Anthropologie has a beautiful stacked wood lamp that costs nearly $600. Loving the look but on a budget, Tasha of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body set out to make her own version.

Anthro Inspired Jute Hurricane Lantern

Anthropologie has a cute burlap and jute hurricane lantern that is perfect for indoors or out. Instead of a shopping spree, the blogger at Hymns and Verses decided to make her own with things she had on hand!

PB Rope Knot Lamp Copycat

Get the same nautical look of the Pottery Barn Rope Knot Lamp by following this DIY tutorial from Down Home Inspiration.

PB Inspired Candle Lanterns

Inspired by the Hyannis Lanterns from Pottery Barn, Lo from Lo and Behold, dressed up some large pickling jars to make these stylish lanterns.

PB Knock-Off Lamp

Diana did an awesome job on her own version of Pottery Barn’s flower lamp!

PB Knock Off Teacup Lamp

You can make this lamp by drilling a hole large enough to fit the lamp cord through the saucer and cup and glue them together, it’s quite simple!