Anthro Inspired Ring Holder

Anthro inspired Jewelry plate

Anthropologie inspired jewelry holders are as easy to make as they are to love when you follow this tutorial!

Copycat Anthro Precious Stone Knobs

Copycat Precious_stone_knobs from Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s Precious Stone drawer pulls are so funky and cool and blingy and….expensive. Make your own for just a few dollars.

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Make your own version of Kate Spade’s chic storage boxes with this tutorial from An Exercise in Frugality.

Anthropologie Knock Off: Amethyst Jewelry Box

anthropologie knock off amethyst jewelry box

Not only is this knock off a lot less expensive than the original – but it’s more colorful, too!

Anthro Knock Off Trinket Dishes


These Anthropologie inspired trinket dishes are easy to make and personalize.

Ballard Designs Dog Toys Bin Knock Off

Ballard Dog Toys bin knock off

When Kathleen saw a hemp dog toys bin in her Ballard Designs catalog she knew she had to have it – but on a budget!

Anthro Knock Off: Gold Pencil Holder

upcycled desk organizer

Not wanting to spend nearly $50 to get her desk in order, Katie set out to make her own.

Anthro Knock Off Ceramic Chalkboard

Anthro Knock Off Ceramic Chalkboard

When Tasha saw this cute chalkboard at Anthropologie, she knew she needed to have it – but for only a tenth of the price!

Tartanware Knock Off

Tartanware Knock Off

These beautiful knock off Tartanware boxes are great little storage bins or shelf decor.

PB Knock Off Heart Catchall

PB Knock Off Heart Catchall

Courtney made this adorable Pottery Barn Knock Off Valentine Heart Catchall, and it turned out perfect!