Anthro Inspired Little Girl’s Dress

The Take Action Dress from Anthropologie is a beautiful vintage wonder. Make your own version following the instructions on Craftiness is Not Optional.

Land of Nod Inspired Floor Cushion

The One Seater floor cushion from Land of Nod is high on many parents’ wish lists for their tots – and is totally DIY-able!

J Crew Metro Dress Inspired Frock

This dress from Shwin & Shwin knocks off the original and then adds some extra embellishments to increase the awesome factor.

Anthro Apron Knock Off

Inspired by Anthropologie’s Tea and Crumpets Apron, Angelina made a scaled down version for her daughter.

PB Inspired Giant Flash Card Wall Art

Inspired by the giant flash card wall art in the PB Kids catalog, Courtney decided to make her own for her boys’ room.