Anthro Inspired Little Girl’s Dress

The Take Action Dress from Anthropologie is a beautiful vintage wonder. Make your own version following the instructions on Craftiness is Not Optional.

J Crew Metro Dress Inspired Frock

This dress from Shwin & Shwin knocks off the original and then adds some extra embellishments to increase the awesome factor.

Anthro Apron Knock Off

Inspired by Anthropologie’s Tea and Crumpets Apron, Angelina made a scaled down version for her daughter.

Anthro Inspired Lunar Bow Frock

Jessica’s pint size version of this Anthropologie dress is made from a comfy knit and pretty purple print.

J Crew Knock Off Metro Dress for Girls

I can not tell you enough how adorable this little dress is, and the best part about it is that it only cost $3 to make!