Michael Kors Inspired Lace Skirt

Michael Kors has a great lace skirt perfect for summer evenings. Check out Riva la Diva’s take on this pretty piece and learn how to make one yourself.

DIY Valentino Inspired Dress

Valentino’s striped dress from last season inspired Riva to make this twirly striped dress prefect for summer evenings.

Anthro Vida Circlet Skirt Copycat

No matter how awesome it is, most of us do not have more than $500 to spend on the Vida Circlet Skirt from Anthropologie. Luckily, copycat expert, Riva la Diva has two different ways you can copy this look for a whole lot less!

DIY Juicy Couture Copycat

Juicy Couture has a beautiful mint lace dress that is perfect for spring time. Riva la Diva made her own version and tells you all about it.

Anthro Inspired Caftan Dress

Inspired by a similar Anthropologie dress, Leanne from Elle Apparel made this one from a light weight fabric that was perfect for wearing with her adorable baby bump.