Pottery Barn Knock Off Brinkley Mirror

DIY Pottery Barn beveled mirror knock off

If you have basic DIY skills, you can pull off a similar look to this Pottery Barn mirror for a fraction of the price.

PB Inspired Heart Pillow

pottery barn knock off pillow

Inspired by a multicolored heart pillow at Pottery Barn, the bloggers at Two It Yourself made their own version using burlap and freezer paper stencils.

PB Inspired French Valentine Pillow

pottery barn knock off valentine pillow

Lover of all things French, Debbie knew she had to have this pillow when she saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog.

PB Inspired Giant Flash Card Wall Art

potterybard knock off

Inspired by the giant flash card wall art in the PB Kids catalog, Courtney decided to make her own for her boys’ room.

PB Knock Off Catchall

PB knock off peace love bowl

Whip up your own version of this Pottery Barn catch all with the help of a gold leafing pen.

PB Inspired Valentine’s Dishtowel

PB Inspired Valentine's Dishtowel

If you are looking to liven up your space with a little love, here is an adorable do it yourself Valentine’s “Love” Towel Elizabeth made, inspired by Pottery Barn.

PB Knock Off Roman Shades

PB Knock Off Roman Shades

Here’s a DIY on a budget idea- Create knock off Pottery Barn Roman Shades for a lot less than original price.

Easy PB Knock Off Christmas Pillow

Easy PB Knock Off Christmas Pillow

Here’s a super easy and fast Christmas decorative pillow Pottery Barn knock off, perfect for anyone to make on a budget!

PB Knock-Off Ribbon Mobile

PB Knock-Off Ribbon Mobile

Give this Pottery Barn Knock Off Ribbon Mobile tutorial by Courtney a try today or on your next craft day!

PB Knock Off Heart Catchall

PB Knock Off Heart Catchall

Courtney made this adorable Pottery Barn Knock Off Valentine Heart Catchall, and it turned out perfect!